Thursday, October 6, 2011

Of Late Eid

Last Eid, I had the opportunity to tag along my husband visiting his grandmother (called Pan) in northern state of Perak. We stayed a night there and it was an amazing experience to live in suburban village. His aunt, Mak Tam as we called her who lived next to Pan, showed us around the house. 

Mak Tam 

Some cows behind the house


Throughout my life, I have seen coffee trees, cocoa trees, Rambai tree, Kedondong tree and Sukun tree. But I have never seen Sentul tree with my own eyes. I knew the name, but I never knew how the fruit looks like. It looks like this.

Buah Sentul (Sentul fruit)

Like a bigger version of Langsat but with different flesh. Later, my MIL cut some for me. It was sour! I gave the rest of it to my husband to finish. Hehe.

The very tall Sentul tree

Labu kayu
Well, I had fun learning trees and fruits I don't regularly see. Someday, I would like my own family -my kids- to live in a place like this. See things others don't normally see. Know things others don't normally know. 

Sort of surviving, sort of knowing to live an average life.