Monday, April 8, 2013

Of Brainstorming Ideas for Kitchen - Part 1

While brainstorming this, my husband keeps reminding me not to dwell myself too much on achieving what he-thinks-I-and-I-myself call My Dreamyyy Kitchen.

"A dream is a dream, dunya (the world) is a dream, what is most important is the Hereafter. If you think kitchen, sleep kitchen and bath kitchen, when do you think of Allah?"

Astagfirullah, his words at that time sliced me deep, and I was hurt. But he was right, and the truth always hurt. So, I want to remind myself that I CANNOT be obsess with the kitchen, even though I know I had been obsessing over them since forever...*cough* it even gone through several phases... *cough*

This obsession started during my final year of study in 2010 when I started to save images of kitchen inspiration into the lappy and harddisk for my personal collection. At that time, I love chalkboard paint and dreamt of blackboard-ing some of the walls or cabinet doors. For example; 



(note that as they were all saved into the harddisk, I lost the reference links)

I had that vision where I will scribble things and notes in the kitchen. Groceries shopping, recipes, to-do-lists, labeling, family schedules etc. But in practical world, specifically in my Asian world, kitchen is a whole lot more messy than I can imagine. It's oily and people don't do much stuff other than cooking and eating in the kitchen compared to the Westerners. I don't like my chalkboard wall/panel gets oily. And I specifically don't want chalk dust to be added to my cleaning task.

More importantly, I don't know how long will the jitz of having some 'blackboard' to write on will last. My experience of having a cheap blackboard in the kitchen only lasted a month.

April 2010 for the whole 2010. Did not bother to write-off and write on again =p

But still, chalkboard paint is so dreamyy =(

Then it came the white kitchen and solid wood counter top phase.


(note again that as they were all saved into the harddisk, I lost the reference links)

Ahh... so drooling.. White kitchen makes up and brightens a narrow and limited space. It will be a bit more work on the maintenance side, especially when our menu are mostly fried, curry and sambal. But white kitchen makes up and brightens a narrow and limited space. There, I said my love to white kitchen. I'm willing to work hard for an airy and bright space.

Until then.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Of The Third Jab

The nurse said that I can graduate from mitten and booties. So, Umi enrolled me to University of Socks Only. I'm such a big baby now.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Of Laptops Free

During breastfeeding, it's important that the mother stays calm and happy. Don't stress over stupid thoughts. Perhaps it's better not to think.

Watch a movie perhaps?