Friday, July 29, 2011

Of Writing It Professionally

As of right now, my progress on the conference paper is one-month-way-behind, I started to panic!

I'm holding on many thoughts and wishlist, and crappy feeling, because I want to do this right. 

As my husband used to say, when we go to one place, at least we must leave something for the benefit of others.   I do want to leave something. That's why I am studying the relationship between Malay Women and urban housing development. I hope I can be a good Malay woman. 

If you're interested, read this as a start. Mencari Melayu

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Of Finishing Last Year's Organza Flower

This was.. my last year's project. For my wedding actually. I started it when I was bored with reading research papers. I wanted to make some boutonniere, head band, anything cute out of it. But... planning was all planning. I got happily married to my serious-but-cheeky-but-loving husband without this organza flower. And today, while going through my wardrobe's drawers, I found the bag that contains ALL the raw materials. Finished it, and going to wear it today while going out with my cousins.

Tutorials later!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of Buying A Portable Sewing Machine Part 1

One of the lessons to a better financial management is planning and research. 

My wishlist is long! One of it is a portable sewing machine. I crave for it ever since my wedding preparation. I have never sewn before except for Home Economic projects I did when I was fourteen which is 12 years ago! I of course, don't know anything about what makes a good sewing machine. But I would love to be able to sew something, and having some projects to look up to.

Like these:
Burlap bags to store my little things. Source: google
Rolled pencil case to store my stationary or as gifts. Source: Carrie Logic

Well, no one can't blame a beginner to start sewing simple projects at first, right, before she moves to a more serious project like sewing her own window curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases, QUILTING, and perhaps clothes, hijabs and pants (since it's hard to find pants to her liking)

So, my plan is first to research for the best brand, second is budget, third is making several options based on the first and second plan. These may not be the best plan, however, I am learning, and will not make any purchase until I have decided for the best machine (and best timing as well as best budget).

Here's some interesting advise and links I found during my little research. 

What To Look For In Portable Sewing Machine?
- Not bulky (very good one- I'm looking for a portable)
- Very good straight stitch
- Good zigzag (4-5mm) (I should ask a tailor what it means by this)
- Method in making buttonholes (again, ask tailor or anyone who sew)
- Adjustable presser food pressure

Best Used Brands
- Elna
- Bernina
- Pfaff
- Viking
- Singer
(except for Singer, I haven't heard of all those brands here in Malaysia. But I heard Singer is better than Brother)

Best New Brands
- Janome (or Kenmore)

Tutorial Websites
- Kate Dicey

So I looked at Janome given by the good reviews (not only by Kay). Looks like Epal is the only distributor for Janome in Malaysia, while Rose Inspiration is one the dealers. 

My first impression on Jenome is wow,, all the benefits in buying it lays on the 5 years warranty, 26 free project books, free sewing courses up to 12 months, free Magic Kit, free VCD learning media. But the price is making me a little (huge) step back. A Janome 2049 costs about RM2499 *taking notes*.

And a few days ago, I drove my grandmother to a SINGER branch selling sewing machine because apparently she wants a sewing machine too. She did not have any specific in mind, so she went for the best budget, a Butterfly machine with table which costs her RM550 after bargain. And she's an awesome traditionalist, she went for foot presser alone without a motor (for this, it cost her less RM100). And 6 months warranty.

I eyed SINGER's portables,

- 2259 Tradition for RM945
- 2250 Tradition for RM795

My hunt for my first sewing machine continues!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Of Curtains and Morning Sun

In my dream home, I would like to have white sheer curtains, lots of it so that sunrise, afternoon lights can find their way through the windows into the rooms, kitchen and living room. Then, I'd plant trees outside in the lawn so it will make another layer of visual shade, and good enough to cool down the house. 

I like my privacy in a good state.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of Wash, Wax and Dry

Occasionally I like driving through this (although I'm not the one driving). 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Of Some Village's Warung

Batu Kapur Village, Pahang

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Of Our First Desk

We should have bought a bigger table top, the one with the tracing glass, but it wouldn't fit in Biru. InsyaAllah, when we have rezeki, we'll get that one, so we would be able to work on his drawings together. I promised him that I would do the backgrounds, I hope I won't forget that.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sketch#4 Of Missing Someone

Dear husband,

I want to be your backbone. I'll be your PA, your secretary, your financial advisor, I'll arrange all your missions. InsyaAllah.

p/s: I miss you already

Sketch#3 Of Coffees and Teas

One of the things I planned to do back in my parents' home is to find this drawing I made last December before my graduation. It's the coffee place that I loved to go during my first year of university. However, I went there mostly for their mocha milkshake and hot chocolate.

178 Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Initially this was the project that I wanted to do before flying back home: a 2011 calendar for friends I left there. A drawing of our favourite places for each month, that should need 12 drawings. Unfortunately I didn't have much time due to my thesis so ... sob sob. Maybe I should just continue it for the sake of memory. 

I should dig my collection pictures to draw it from. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Of Living It First Hand

A few times during our travel back from our parents houses, my husband asked if I wanted to visit the National Zoo. During all that few times, I said no. It was because I know I am not too fond of animals like a friend of mine does. That friend of mine would love to go to every zoo in every town she travels to. My love for animal however extends only to supporting their rights and telling my husband if I ever see a bird, a chicken or a biawak on the road so that he would not run them over. 

Having said this, I'd like to be my husband's third eye while he's driving and tell him what's catchy along the road. Sometimes I do "Hey look there, what kind of advertisement is that?" while he was telling a story he said I never pay attention to what he says (-_-) That's okay, I believe my eyes will benefit us later, so does my GoogleEarth memory. 

Anyway, the reason I'm not so keen to the zoo-but I'd love to jungle-track- is because I have some of them at my grandparents' and my parents' house.

To be exact, just outside my father's porch.

Mother monkey and baby monkey in the house. Took this picture this afternoon at my parents' place, where I am gonna stay for the next two weeks while my husband is away for some courses. I don't know where the monkeys come from, but they have been here since I was a kid. Perhaps, it was because of the abundance of coconut trees in my village, and also bananas, and rambutans, and mango plums.

Anyway, maybe when we have kids, I might be going to every zoo and conservation centre and park and jungle, because I want our kids to KNOW animals by seeing it first hand and not just from books or televisions.

I might raise some chicken in my lawn so that they know how chicken poops look like. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sketch#2 Of Getting Started

My first sketch for this year.

Getting to a new place takes all of our adapting skills and tolerance to a maximum. Not to forget, patience too. I know I would love to have my herbs garden so so soon, but getting it step by step is more enjoyable I think. Here's my simple porch garden. The first two trees my husband and I planted together. The kaffir lime tree: because I love tomyam, paprik, steam fish and everything that needs kaffir lime leaves. The lime tree: because husband likes teh limau so much. 

My little porch garden

And I guess I might sharing this in Emila's Sketchy Sunday. I've been visiting her blog since my university years several years ago, but knowing that I am shy, I've just been her silent fan =) 

Of An Old Rubber Estate

Batu Kapur Village
10th July 2010

Rubber plantation had a long history in Malaysia. Introduced by the British during their occupation in 19th Century to one of the main export during the modernization of Malaysia in 1970s. 

I was not grown up in a rubber estate. Nor my mother and my father. Wait. I remembered my mother saying she used to accompany my grandmother to do some rubber tapping when my grandfather was sick in the hospital. I remembered playing the rubber seeds when I was a kid at my grandmother's place. 

But I don't have a memory playing in a rubber estate with my friends. 

Not many rubber estate is being kept nowadays (maybe it is just because I haven't seen many). What I like about the estate is that the trees are planted in rows while the leaves are small and mostly on the upper part of the trees. In addition to their height, they make a perfect, canopied perspective.

And I love looking at the estate while travelling on the state highway. The hues of the leaves are fresh green, and the texture are delicate. I would take some pictures of it later.

My husband drove me to this place yesterday after the visit to the elephant centre. It was more beautiful in real life, as the evening sun was shining, and the air smelled like some goats' poops together with branches and weeds. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Of Some Elephants

I don't think I did justice to Kaler, Mas and their friends by not writing more about them. For future reference, entering the centre does not cost any ringgit, but donations to keep the place maintained is welcomed. Basic entry is as simple as signing the letter of indemnity, but for full course tour, one needs to make a reservation as only 150 places are offered per day.

And the place is really a favourite among the local and foreign tourists, but more foreign tourists. 

The place is initially near to the aboriginal villages, so one can see their houses upon getting to the place. My bad for not taking any picture of it. But that means going there again is a must! Anyway, there are more than 10 elephants being conserved here so the whole place is quite big, mostly kept in its natural environment. Natural river, and a lot of trees.

Standing on two feet. 

Wonder what these people are lining up for?

Riding on the elephants!

There are also bathing with the elephants, but we went back early to catch up our prayers. 

Of Making Up

Although sometimes I find it hard to compromise his emotional mood changes, I've gotta salute him for his efforts to make up. Today, we went to see some elephants in Kuala Gandah's Elephant Conservation Centre. It was unplanned, so I didn't expect too much for anything.

But the whole experience was a pleasant one! Thanks for spending time with me (and put up with my roller coaster mood too!)

Apparently, elephant is an intelligent animal. And has a big heart too.

Baby elephant taking bath


An elephant needs about 100kg food per day

Yes, I would love to go to unplanned travel with you, always!

On Making You Feel My Love

I am currently in love with this song. Soothing. Sort of telling how I feel right now.

Sketch#1 Living Room

I have left my sketch book in the dust for over than a month! The last sketch was on 25th May. Mostly because I don't know what to sketch. I mean, well, I can just sketch anything, but I'm just so disorganized to find some inspiration or a subject.

(I could have just sketch a crumpled shirt, and improve my hatching! But I didn't *sigh*)

I planned to go out to do so many things. For example, sketch! Or take picture to update my terrace housing blog.

But all those plans just got flush down into the drain and I stayed at home, browsing here and there.

Anyway, since I am gonna be away from home for 2-week and a half, I might be missing this wall and the TV. Here it is, for my memory. It took me about 15minutes to sketch. I did it leisurely, while watching the re-run of Spiderman on Saturday's Late Night Movie.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Of the "Cleaning" Day

Despite all the chaos predicted by the media, we managed to have our breakfast at the mamak and did some shopping peacefully because we live so far away from the Klang Valley! 

Oh well, not a really peaceful one.

Sometimes I don't understand how can mood changes so abruptly and then the whole world is on blame. 

I need to be reminded not to put high hopes on having a whole day with happy smiles. Or don't just get too excited, I might get disappointed the next minute. It might be because of the Aunty dricing motorcycle next to me. Or when I cross the road. Or anything. Everything!

And I always need to be careful to what I've got to say. One word wrong and it's all ruined.

Of Dream Kitchen

White kitchen, with many windows, and open shelves.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Of Being a Breadwinner

Is it true that it is hard to support a family when there is only one breadwinner? I have a long wishlist and it makes me angry thinking that it's all about money. Can I at least control myself and be patient about it?

Sometimes I can, other times I can't.

I want to eat sushi, I want to decorate the house, buy some furniture. I want to do some gardening, but it needs money to buy the pots and plants. I want to cook something special but the ingredients are not in my ordinary grocery list, and they are expensive. 

Is it because I dream a lot of things for my future before? 

My husband said, being patient is not about being quiet and dream less, but it's about good planning and waiting the right time for it. He said, it's about taking steps by steps.

Definitely not an immediate gain.

Of Doing Things

When I have ample time with no specific task to do, I'll get bored. I get depressed. I have been used to have so little time, with so many things to be done.

To keep myself sane. I do what I love to do.


My little project: terrace housing

Of The True Meaning of Teaching

From Zahiril Adzim's blog. And words from the director:

Hey Bob,

I hope this finds you well and happy. :)

Yesterday, the person who inspired me to make The Invigilator passed on. She was really a mountain of a person, bravely fighting stage 4 cancer for 5 years. It infected her entire body - brain, spine, liver, breasts - but fail to taint her spirit in the least.

In memory of Doreen, I feel that it is timely to release The Invigilator online. If you would like to tell your friends/fans about it (please help put it out there), please share with them this link -

Just so you know, it has traveled to film festivals in Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. :)  Enjoy brother and be well!


Teaching is never easy. I sometimes teach other people not to do this or that. But sometimes I find myself doing things I told others not to. 

I want to bring inspiration to others. I want to make a difference in other people's life. Like what teachers did to me.

Of The First Tree Towards My Herbs Garden

Kaffir Lime

I dream of having my own herbs garden. Lemongrass, kaffir lime, curry leaves, bunga kantan, bird-eye chillies, vietnamese mint, mint, kacang botol, pandan, spring onion, thyme, oregano, parsley. Tomato is not a bad idea too. 

First is kaffir lime and lime. But the lime tree is so skinny, it refuses to grow new leaves. I don't know why, since I feed them the same water and the same fertilizer. 

When we planted these trees, there was a drama. It was nearing dusk, and he wanted to do it fast. Ah, I hate remembering it. 

Of Timber House

My dream house is a timber house, timber shutters, with less furniture, and many air-ventilation. Conventional, I am. 

And many white sheer curtains.

Of Dried Chillies

I love sambal. We both love sambal. I love making it traditionally. Cutting up the chillies, separating the seeds and boiling it. The aroma of good dry chillies filling up the house, is classic. Today, I used the mortar and pestle to keep the traditional taste of these chillies to make sambal paru

It has been a good day till now. I have so much to do, especially to study for the incoming exam. Some exam I have never anticipated to attend to, something that I don't want to become. This thing needs serious thinking and good decision making. 

Of Knowing It

So much for making this blog quiet from him for a while, he found it already! And that's all thanks to me for leaving the Chrome tab opened while sleeping last night, hihi. 

One of the slots in this morning's Malaysia Hari Ini features Fazura promoting her latest acting in Tahajjud Cinta, a drama about fighting for women's rights. I think it might be interesting to watch with my husband since he said I have to know a clear difference between women's right and feminism. 

Our first car, which we got a day before our solemnization day. 


Resting after a hard day work at the office

I've been blogging before, mostly about my personal life. And then, I got married to my husband. Few months before that, I did a research about Muslim Malay women in the domestic environment. One of the topic I studied was the responsibility of the women towards their husband and their family; which is to protect the virtue of their husband and to maintain the welfare of the family.

Keeping one's virtue is considered a challenge in the blogging world. Which is why I want to remain low and anonymous now. It is not my attention to hurt anyone's feelings, most importantly when I feel the need to protect my family.

Nonetheless, I still want to leave something to be remembered in the future. Something personal, and something treasured: my feelings. My feelings which are sometimes irrational, childish and selfish. These feelings need to be healed, and corrected because everyday, I seek to be a better person than yesterday.