Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sketch#1 Living Room

I have left my sketch book in the dust for over than a month! The last sketch was on 25th May. Mostly because I don't know what to sketch. I mean, well, I can just sketch anything, but I'm just so disorganized to find some inspiration or a subject.

(I could have just sketch a crumpled shirt, and improve my hatching! But I didn't *sigh*)

I planned to go out to do so many things. For example, sketch! Or take picture to update my terrace housing blog.

But all those plans just got flush down into the drain and I stayed at home, browsing here and there.

Anyway, since I am gonna be away from home for 2-week and a half, I might be missing this wall and the TV. Here it is, for my memory. It took me about 15minutes to sketch. I did it leisurely, while watching the re-run of Spiderman on Saturday's Late Night Movie.

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