Sunday, July 10, 2011

Of Some Elephants

I don't think I did justice to Kaler, Mas and their friends by not writing more about them. For future reference, entering the centre does not cost any ringgit, but donations to keep the place maintained is welcomed. Basic entry is as simple as signing the letter of indemnity, but for full course tour, one needs to make a reservation as only 150 places are offered per day.

And the place is really a favourite among the local and foreign tourists, but more foreign tourists. 

The place is initially near to the aboriginal villages, so one can see their houses upon getting to the place. My bad for not taking any picture of it. But that means going there again is a must! Anyway, there are more than 10 elephants being conserved here so the whole place is quite big, mostly kept in its natural environment. Natural river, and a lot of trees.

Standing on two feet. 

Wonder what these people are lining up for?

Riding on the elephants!

There are also bathing with the elephants, but we went back early to catch up our prayers. 

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