Friday, July 8, 2011


Resting after a hard day work at the office

I've been blogging before, mostly about my personal life. And then, I got married to my husband. Few months before that, I did a research about Muslim Malay women in the domestic environment. One of the topic I studied was the responsibility of the women towards their husband and their family; which is to protect the virtue of their husband and to maintain the welfare of the family.

Keeping one's virtue is considered a challenge in the blogging world. Which is why I want to remain low and anonymous now. It is not my attention to hurt anyone's feelings, most importantly when I feel the need to protect my family.

Nonetheless, I still want to leave something to be remembered in the future. Something personal, and something treasured: my feelings. My feelings which are sometimes irrational, childish and selfish. These feelings need to be healed, and corrected because everyday, I seek to be a better person than yesterday.

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