Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Of Living It First Hand

A few times during our travel back from our parents houses, my husband asked if I wanted to visit the National Zoo. During all that few times, I said no. It was because I know I am not too fond of animals like a friend of mine does. That friend of mine would love to go to every zoo in every town she travels to. My love for animal however extends only to supporting their rights and telling my husband if I ever see a bird, a chicken or a biawak on the road so that he would not run them over. 

Having said this, I'd like to be my husband's third eye while he's driving and tell him what's catchy along the road. Sometimes I do "Hey look there, what kind of advertisement is that?" while he was telling a story he said I never pay attention to what he says (-_-) That's okay, I believe my eyes will benefit us later, so does my GoogleEarth memory. 

Anyway, the reason I'm not so keen to the zoo-but I'd love to jungle-track- is because I have some of them at my grandparents' and my parents' house.

To be exact, just outside my father's porch.

Mother monkey and baby monkey in the house. Took this picture this afternoon at my parents' place, where I am gonna stay for the next two weeks while my husband is away for some courses. I don't know where the monkeys come from, but they have been here since I was a kid. Perhaps, it was because of the abundance of coconut trees in my village, and also bananas, and rambutans, and mango plums.

Anyway, maybe when we have kids, I might be going to every zoo and conservation centre and park and jungle, because I want our kids to KNOW animals by seeing it first hand and not just from books or televisions.

I might raise some chicken in my lawn so that they know how chicken poops look like. 

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