Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of Buying A Portable Sewing Machine Part 1

One of the lessons to a better financial management is planning and research. 

My wishlist is long! One of it is a portable sewing machine. I crave for it ever since my wedding preparation. I have never sewn before except for Home Economic projects I did when I was fourteen which is 12 years ago! I of course, don't know anything about what makes a good sewing machine. But I would love to be able to sew something, and having some projects to look up to.

Like these:
Burlap bags to store my little things. Source: google
Rolled pencil case to store my stationary or as gifts. Source: Carrie Logic

Well, no one can't blame a beginner to start sewing simple projects at first, right, before she moves to a more serious project like sewing her own window curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases, QUILTING, and perhaps clothes, hijabs and pants (since it's hard to find pants to her liking)

So, my plan is first to research for the best brand, second is budget, third is making several options based on the first and second plan. These may not be the best plan, however, I am learning, and will not make any purchase until I have decided for the best machine (and best timing as well as best budget).

Here's some interesting advise and links I found during my little research. 

What To Look For In Portable Sewing Machine?
- Not bulky (very good one- I'm looking for a portable)
- Very good straight stitch
- Good zigzag (4-5mm) (I should ask a tailor what it means by this)
- Method in making buttonholes (again, ask tailor or anyone who sew)
- Adjustable presser food pressure

Best Used Brands
- Elna
- Bernina
- Pfaff
- Viking
- Singer
(except for Singer, I haven't heard of all those brands here in Malaysia. But I heard Singer is better than Brother)

Best New Brands
- Janome (or Kenmore)

Tutorial Websites
- Kate Dicey

So I looked at Janome given by the good reviews (not only by Kay). Looks like Epal is the only distributor for Janome in Malaysia, while Rose Inspiration is one the dealers. 

My first impression on Jenome is wow,, all the benefits in buying it lays on the 5 years warranty, 26 free project books, free sewing courses up to 12 months, free Magic Kit, free VCD learning media. But the price is making me a little (huge) step back. A Janome 2049 costs about RM2499 *taking notes*.

And a few days ago, I drove my grandmother to a SINGER branch selling sewing machine because apparently she wants a sewing machine too. She did not have any specific in mind, so she went for the best budget, a Butterfly machine with table which costs her RM550 after bargain. And she's an awesome traditionalist, she went for foot presser alone without a motor (for this, it cost her less RM100). And 6 months warranty.

I eyed SINGER's portables,

- 2259 Tradition for RM945
- 2250 Tradition for RM795

My hunt for my first sewing machine continues!

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