Friday, July 8, 2011

Of Being a Breadwinner

Is it true that it is hard to support a family when there is only one breadwinner? I have a long wishlist and it makes me angry thinking that it's all about money. Can I at least control myself and be patient about it?

Sometimes I can, other times I can't.

I want to eat sushi, I want to decorate the house, buy some furniture. I want to do some gardening, but it needs money to buy the pots and plants. I want to cook something special but the ingredients are not in my ordinary grocery list, and they are expensive. 

Is it because I dream a lot of things for my future before? 

My husband said, being patient is not about being quiet and dream less, but it's about good planning and waiting the right time for it. He said, it's about taking steps by steps.

Definitely not an immediate gain.

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