Monday, July 11, 2011

Of An Old Rubber Estate

Batu Kapur Village
10th July 2010

Rubber plantation had a long history in Malaysia. Introduced by the British during their occupation in 19th Century to one of the main export during the modernization of Malaysia in 1970s. 

I was not grown up in a rubber estate. Nor my mother and my father. Wait. I remembered my mother saying she used to accompany my grandmother to do some rubber tapping when my grandfather was sick in the hospital. I remembered playing the rubber seeds when I was a kid at my grandmother's place. 

But I don't have a memory playing in a rubber estate with my friends. 

Not many rubber estate is being kept nowadays (maybe it is just because I haven't seen many). What I like about the estate is that the trees are planted in rows while the leaves are small and mostly on the upper part of the trees. In addition to their height, they make a perfect, canopied perspective.

And I love looking at the estate while travelling on the state highway. The hues of the leaves are fresh green, and the texture are delicate. I would take some pictures of it later.

My husband drove me to this place yesterday after the visit to the elephant centre. It was more beautiful in real life, as the evening sun was shining, and the air smelled like some goats' poops together with branches and weeds. 

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