Monday, July 11, 2011

Sketch#2 Of Getting Started

My first sketch for this year.

Getting to a new place takes all of our adapting skills and tolerance to a maximum. Not to forget, patience too. I know I would love to have my herbs garden so so soon, but getting it step by step is more enjoyable I think. Here's my simple porch garden. The first two trees my husband and I planted together. The kaffir lime tree: because I love tomyam, paprik, steam fish and everything that needs kaffir lime leaves. The lime tree: because husband likes teh limau so much. 

My little porch garden

And I guess I might sharing this in Emila's Sketchy Sunday. I've been visiting her blog since my university years several years ago, but knowing that I am shy, I've just been her silent fan =) 


Emila Yusof said...

aww ,this is cute! thanks for sharing.

F said...

thanks kak emila! your drawings are all beyond cute, i wish i could also draw like that. i'll join your next sketchy sunday =)