Saturday, December 3, 2011

Of Being Away

I have been away for long, everyday I manage to make up some time to read other blogs. But I was afraid to look at mine because I haven't write anything at all. I read others and wondering how they have time to write something while I don't, then I realize if I just stop being nosy about others and use that time instead to write about mine, I'll have long list of eventful days. So, I will write starting today.

To summarize things, I've started working on the 10th October 2011 only to know a week later that I have to report for work at my current's employer. I managed to at least stay an extra two weeks at that firm, making it a full month of employment, to finish things I've supposed to finish. I reported for work on the 14th of November. Yes, I haven't been here even a month but the works are compiling and it looks like it never ends.

*I really need to find more vocabularies, sigh*

But today I don't want to talk about work. 

I miss my husband. Yes, he's far away and we can only afford to meet once a week, if our wills or health permit. I hope he remembers me like I remember him. 

Okay that's all for now.

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