Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of 3 Months Old Ruhi

This is what I wrote on the second week of 2012. 

Time flies by so fast, work mounting up (as always), I had resolutions, some I already failed to maintain, some I haven't start.

Biggest plan so far this year? I don't know. We would like to have a baby. We would like to live in the same house to raise the baby. Meaning, I am (very soon) applying for a quarters. I never imagined to be living in the very heart of capital city. But it looks like it's the best option so far, so my husband wouldn't have to travel another 50km to reach me. And I wouldn't have to travel far to work.

But am I ready to be a mother?

With preparations, I could.

What a year that has passed!

We had a baby exactly a year after I wrote them. I applied for quarters, called them somewhere during October and said the application was being processed (and some more that the 2008 applications were still being processed).

We bought a house.

Not yet bought, anyway. Just had paid the deposit and in the middle of loan processing. More on that later.

And Ruhi to turn 3 months old next week. Alhamdulillah. Our girl is healthy, and kicking. She loves to kick her legs in the air, that is.

Ruhi 7 weeks old

Ruhi 10 weeks old

And she's still exclusively breastfed. She's turning 3 months old means that my paid maternity leave has come to its end. And welcome to another 3 months (unpaid) leave. This has become one of my life's major decisions - to take a half year leave to exclusively breastfeed my first child, to care for her within my eyes, to live as a family. 

To our Ruhi, you are such a brilliant child. A pleasant to our eyes. Umi and Abi cannot wait for more happy months and years with you.

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