Monday, January 2, 2012

Of Melaka Part 3 - Melaka River Cruise

The next day, my husband and I played tourist by getting the River Cruise to enjoy the river scene. Initially I would prefer to walk along the river bed but we didn't have all the time in the world. So much to (re)visit and see, but so little time, and little willpower. The fee is RM10 per adult, for a 45-minute ride. 

If anyone is to ride the boat, I would suggest you be prepared to be splashed by some river water (which at some areas are smelly!) My, we sit at the very front to take some good photos and that was also the bad water-spot.

Other than Kampung Morten, the ride passes along the back of the shophouses, with nice graffiti on the wall. These in one way, has complimented the unique characters each houses has. Too bad, the ride was too fast for some appreciation of details. For this, I'd suggest taking a walk for better view and better camera angle.

Kampung Morten 

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