Sunday, January 8, 2012

Of Melaka Part 4 - Villa Sentosa, Kampung Morten

The highlight of the Melaka trip for me was the visit to Villa Sentosa in Kampung Morten. It was the last destination we went, abruptly decided just before we drove back to KL. Situated next to the river, it was easily seen during our boat cruise, but was a bit tricky to find on land. 

The house, initially a living house was converted by its owner Tuan Haji Hashim bin Dato Demang Hj Abd Ghan into a living museum. When we went to visit, his son, whom I regret to make the effort to know his name, welcomed us into the house and made a little tour. 

I fell in love with the internal courtyard as soon as I entered the house. For a whole year of observing plans of traditional Malay house, the experience of actually stepping inside the space is beyond words. Flashes of memories how the traditional Malays use the internal courtyard to do their house chores such as washing and drying laundries, afternoon talks, socializing with their neighbours just coming inside my head non stop.

I vowed to myself that someday, my future home would like to have this traditional internal courtyard as part of the concept.

Entering the interior, many antiques await us to appreciate. 

Rumah Ibu - Mother of the House
Bride's room


Serambi depan

Most of the stuffs are from personal collection, and personal memorabilia, such as the pictures of Tuan Haji Hashim himself, his wife and the whole siblings. Apparently, the son is still living in the house, and offering free tours during the day for the visitors. Living true to its name, Villa Sentosa is a living museum as one should expect, and not mundane and static like other museum.

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