Thursday, August 18, 2011

Being Thrifty

Many have seen Wordless Wednesday being trend among personal bloggers. To some other bloggers who focus on home-making/improvement, crafts or budgeting, Thrifty Saturday has become quite a phenomenon. I love the idea of making pretty-but-cheap purchases, but I don't want to oblige myself to make thrift purchases every Saturday. I might end up not needing the items at all in the first place, but I buy them because I have to buy something every Saturday?

Okay, maybe Thrifty Saturday does not work as 'buying something every Saturday' but 'posting cheap things we bought during the week on Saturday just to streamline the post-entry system'. Silly me.

Anyway, I want to create of series of me "Being Thrifty", just to record the things I purchased, the places which sell quality items in reasonable price, occasional SALES by big retailers, perhaps online shops. All to actually achieve our family's financial budget. Reasonable price and the purchase's objective, are of course, vary among different people. My husband for example, may find RM0.50 mug is really a good bargain, because he doesn't mind at all about color coordinating, a mug is all he needs to drink hot coffee from. 

While me on the other hand, obsessed with white dishes or porcelains, and my objective is to ONLY find white cup, mug, plates, vases, plastic containers with lowest price possible. My bigger objective is to achieve this dreamy kitchens without finding myself straying in mixed colored/patterns of plates-mugs collections. 



Photo from top left clock-wise: herehere, here and here.

I figured out I must start from the start. It is quite hard to convince my husband of this concept at first. But I am taking my time, and I do not make unnecessary purchases just because I like the pieces too much (I think, except a few purchases huhuhu). I guess he figured out my intention already. Hehe. 

Anyway, back to Being Thrifty, are these two purchases we made last Saturday (a coincidence, huh?). While looking for some fabrics to buy for my mother's baju kurung in Kamdar, I found this fabric tucked in lowest shelf with 70% off. My eyes went bling bling, I have always wanted to buy this fabric since early this year. I don't know it's type, but it feels like a soft canvas.

I have ideas running in my head what to make from this; table runners, blinds, pillow cases, baby's pants etc and I even thought of buying several meters each color since it is on ridiculous sale (to me), but I haven't got my sewing machine yet (sob sob) so I asked for only a meter each. 70% off from RM12.90 per meter = RM3.87/m. Loss: RM3.87x4 = RM15.48

Another purchase is these vases for RM2 each because I am dreaming of having white-and green garden. Or maybe as storage containers for stuffs at the moment because I can't start gardening now when both of us will be out of home for a month next month. And I will feel guilty if I have to rely too much on our neighbours to water our plants everyday, like last time. Now I know why most people with garden/orchards seldomly travel, because they don't want to leave behind their hard-worked-at greenery! Loss = RM8

Other purchase without picture is Toyogo Storage Container to keep my homemade kuih raya to be given out to my mother and mother-in-law. Because it's RM2 each, I bought five! Loss = RM10

So the total loss for my first Being Thrifty series is RM33.48

Hmm, this sounds not so thrifty. 

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