Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Made In My Kitchen: Mee Goreng

Another reason for the Popiah Basah leftover yesterday was because of this impromptu Mee Goreng I cooked at 7pm. So much for Eat Healthy, I might say. BUT, I cooked it at the thought of having half of it for sahur, only that my husband loves mee goreng so much he ate half of this alone (and I am a happy wife for it hee). Thankfully, I managed to keep some of it for his sahur,

1 pack of yellow mee (easily found in Malaysia's supermarket, a bit thicker one in overseas Asian Market)
100g chicken (cut to pieces)
1 fishcake (cut thinly)
An egg
4 fried tofu (cut to pieces)
Handful of green mustard (cut)
Handful of beansprouts (in my case, two handfuls because I love beansprout)
Chives (I omitted this because the supermarket ran out of it)

Paste Ingredients
Dried chili, boiled (or chili paste, whichever makes cooking easier)
1 table/spoon soy sauce
1 table/spoon oyster sauce
2 table/spoon chili sauce
2 table/spoon ketchup
Salt to taste

How to make:
1. Blend dried chili, shallot and garlic finely.
2. Sautee the blended paste, add in chicken and fishcake.
3. Add in soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili sauce and ketchup till fragrant and oil emits.
4. Salt to taste.
5. Add in egg and stir.
6. Add in the noodle (I run it under the tapwater first to wash away the oil. Some might use hot water). Stir well.
7. Add in green mustard, chives, fried tofu and stir well.
8. Lastly, add in beansprout. Stir for a short while if you like the beansprout crunchy.

Serve with some lime.

Initially I wanted to make this noodle mamak style. Mamak style is frying with big fire using gas stove, and usually in smaller portion of one person. Therefore, sometimes it can be a bit scorched and sometimes too oily to my liking. If we try to do this in our kitchen, we can control the amount of oil used and still enjoy our favourite dish.

Unfortunately my stove is out of gas so I have to turn to my electric multi-cooker. It could not come out to my desired outcome. Next time, maybe.

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