Saturday, August 6, 2011

Made in My Kitchen: Fish in Taucu Sauce

Together with the stir fry vege, I made another local dish that I love love love to eat since my childhood, Taucu. Taucu is salted soy bean, fermented for some time. My mother used to cook me Egg Taucu, with lots of chili and onion and garlic. We are Malays, but all four of my grandparents are of Javanese descendants, so we eat a lot Javanese dishes; Tempeh, Jangan Bening, Nasi Ambeng, etc. 

Sometime ago, I read that it is not recommended to frequently eat Taucu because it contains a high volume of salt hence can contribute to High Blood Pressure. But if we stop eating Taucu and still consume MSG-high-instant-noodle we might still be catching high blood pressure, so isn't it better to have Taucu once in a while and just stop eating instant noodle? Hehe.

Whole fish (I use Pelaling fish. Soft meat fish like catfish is not too recommended, I think)

3-4 table-spoon of Taucu paste
Half a yellow onion, diced
4 Garlic, diced
1-inch ginger, diced or sliced
5 to 10 bird eye chili, diced

There are several ways you can cook this dish; Wok or Steam.

I used both. Hehe. Because I wanted to do this fast, I used a microwave to cook the fish!

Sauce Steps:
1. Heat some oil.
2. Sautee the onion, garlic, ginger and chili.
3. Pour in the Taucu paste. Stir for a while. Add some water depend on how much soup you want.

* Do not add in any salt. You will be killing yourself with the saltiness unless you really love salty dish.

4. Then, pour the sauce onto the fish (on a plate), before AutoCook it for 7minutes in the microwave.

If you like you fish a bit crunchier, you can fry them first and pour the sauce to the fish later.

If you want to steam the fish, do the same steps, only steam it in a steamer for a good 15minutes. At least we can make the dish a bit healthier.

My mother always add another ingredient while cooking this dish: TOMATO. I think it makes quite a different. Sweeter and thicker soup. I think I want to try adding in some tomato sauce in my next experiment.

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