Saturday, August 6, 2011

Of 5-Month Anniversary

What should I really feel, if today, on our exactly 5-month-versary as a married couple, that my husband jokingly said this when I asked whether he can buy me some nice white dishes (and other things I couldn't remember now);

"Of course, then, later if I ask you for one thing, you should give in,"
"To what?"
"Come on.."
'Nothing, I was joking.."

In my mind, I thought he would say something like a baby, or perhaps someday if I can quit my job to help him around.

After much persuasion, he then said,

"Maybe you would allow me marrying the second,"

Although he then saying (for thousands times) that he was joking, my heart still hurt.

I thought I would never have to hear that sentence when I get married, even if it means a joke, even if it means nothing. I am after all, a woman. I do easily get hurt. That is my weakness. 

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