Friday, August 26, 2011

Of Eid Mubarak

Well, well, we are about to off to our parents' houses in a few hours. My parents first for a couple of days, and then his for the last of Ramadhan and first of Syawal, my parents' on the second, then, we'll see. I've done nothing much to prepare for Eid. Last year, my flatmates and I cooked the meals all by ourselves, this year, I might just be a helping hand.

My feelings are a mix of nervous and happy. Happy because this is my first time after five years of not celebrating Eid with families! I've been celebrating with friends, assignments and presentations. This year, I have 3 families (mine, my husband, and us two) plus the whole extended, big families to see. Ahh... happy..

And nervous because I am a new member to my husband's families, so, well, nervous. I don't know how to explain! There are a lot I have to learn. Suffice to say, it every women's dream to have their parents-in-law to like them. 

Anyway, since I was off the kuih-raya radar for many years, I don't know what's the 'in' now. I heard the Belgium biscuits have surpassed the Almond London. Well, I don't know. I made just one, my favorite of all time because it's so simple, and so easy to make. Honey cornflakes.

Maybe I'll bake some chocolate chip cookies at my parents' place. 

Ahh, maybe I'll buy my other favorite - tempeyek!

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