Monday, August 15, 2011

Money Saving Tips - Cut Your Own Hair

Many knows that trips to hair salon can sometimes be expensive. Many then opt to local barbers because simple hair cut are harmless and mostly affordable. But my husband never goes to the barbers because he can cut his own hair, nice and clean. He learnt to do this during his first year of study and had done this for more than 6 years. He saved a lot from this, especially when his hair grows at quite a fast pace. 

So, because I can't and don't know how to cut my own hair, I turn to people who can cut my hair for free. My mother has been my personal hairdresser since I was small, then it was my flatmates during my university years and when I got married, done by my own MALE hairdresser. A couple of months ago, I asked him to chop (some of) my hair off because the weather became too hot and I became all sweaty under the hijab. And that was my first time my hair was cut by a man, the experience was a bit weird, yet eventful. 

Thanks to him cutting his own hair in the bathroom yesterday, I finally able to capture some personal moments such as doing personal stuffs in the personal space. Rephrase: I always wanted to take photos of people doing routines (such as cleansing face, shampooing, brushing teeth, shaving etc) in bathrooms (which is very personal space) but because I used to live with female flatmates, aurat is a big concern to me, so I was never able to upload the pictures.  

Back to the topic, my husband and I always talk about how can we save money. So I thought I might do some series on money saving tips done by our little family. With some pictures, of course. Enjoy.

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