Monday, August 15, 2011

Made In My Kitchen: Fish Sambal and Buttered Pan-Fried Veggies

These are meals that I made for breaking fast last Wednesday. They were very, very simple dishes. As my husband used to say; "everyone can cook" especially his famous lines "there is no strict rules or ingredients to cooking" (especially when I say that I need to buy some ingredients to make a specific meal). I know he meant going for simplicity and that I have to be thankful because he never complains about food. But I often see him gets seconds or thirds of his mother cooking, so I figured out I'd make him his favourite; sambal.

3-4 whole fish
1 tea/spoon tumeric and salt
3 table/spoon crispy fried chicken coating mix flour

1 Hollandaise onion
4 cloves garlic
20-30 dried chili, boiled
1 inch ginger
2 piece asam gelugor
2 table/spoon ketchup
Salt and sugar to taste

Cooking steps:
1. Mix the fish in tumeric, salt and coating flour. Deep fry the fish till golden (to crunchiness). Set aside.
2. Blend the onion, garlic, dried chili and ginger.
3. Heat some oil. Sautee the blended paste until oil emits. Add in ketchup and asam gelugor.
4. Add salt and sugar to taste. Add some water if the sambal is too thick.
5. Pour the cooked sambal onto the fried fish.

I topped the fish sambal with leftover mushroom, deep fried using the fish's extra mix coating. 

As for the veggies, was made from the leftover veggies I could find in the refrigerator. Haha. And because I was too lazy to think about any recipes, I just pan-fried them with butter. No strict ingredients. I made it using potatoes, carrot and baby corn (all thinly sliced), topped with spring onion.

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